WAA Signed a Strategic MOU with IEEE SA and Released 2 Standards

WAA Signed a Strategic MOU with IEEE SA and Released 2 Standards


Shenzhen, November 7, 2023 – The WLAN Application Ecosystem and Standards forum has concluded successfully during the IEEE Standards Association (SA) General Meeting & Anniversaries in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

This forum gathered experts and industry leaders related to the WLAN industry from worldwide, including the IEEE SA, the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, and the World WLAN Application Alliance (WAA) to jointly discuss the latest advancements in WLAN standards and industries, and to deliberate on how international standards organizations can work closely to promote global trade.

Leaders and experts including: Yuan Yu, Chairman of IEEE Standards Association, Zhang Ping, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chairman of WAA, and Paul Nikolich, Chairman of the IEEE 802 Executive Committee, addressed the forum.

The WAA and the IEEE SA, have signed a MOU, announcing the establishment of a global strategic partnership that encompasses cooperation in global standards development and promotion. Zhang Ping stated: ‘WAA is committed to enhancing the application experience of WLAN in domestic and industrial scenarios. We are honored to cooperate with the IEEE SA, which will speed up the global promotion and application of WLAN application experience standards and certification.’ Yuan Yu expressed: ‘The IEEE SA has long been committed to promoting innovation and development in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. We are delighted to collaborate with WAA to foster innovation in the field of WLAN application experience.’

In addition to above agreement, WAA has also signed MOUs with a series of strategic partners, such as: authorized testing laboratories, certification bodies, and preferred sections of WAA authorized on e-commerce platforms. These significant collaborations have milestone significance in their strategic development, further promoting the implementation of WLAN performance experience standards and helping to build a more open WLAN industry development platform.

During the forum, WAA released two standards: “Home Scenario:WLAN Single Device Network Performance and Experience Technical Specification” and “Home Scenario:WLAN Single Device Network Performance and Experience Test Method”. These two standards are the world’s first WLAN performance standards based on service experience in home scenarios, filling the gap in industry performance standards. These two standards clearly define the technical standards for the performance and experience of a single device in a home scenario, aimed at guiding users in purchasing home WLAN devices, assisting operators in evaluating WLAN devices, promoting the development of WLAN technology, enhancing user performance experience in home scenarios, and making home life better. The two standards consolidate all the difficult-to-understand WLAN parameters into six experience-related indicators: coverage, security, stability, connectivity, bandwidth, and latency. By simplifying complexity, they deeply align with the needs of home usage scenarios, helping users to address pain points in home WLAN service experiences.

Subsequently, experts and industry representatives, shared insightful perspectives on trends, standards, and innovative solutions for WLAN. They also had in-depth and enthusiastic interactions and discussions with the participants.

This forum showcased the global trends in the development of WLAN applications and standards, as well as the determination of the IEEE SA and WAA to promote the development of related technologies and standards. Looking forward to the future, WAA will collaborate with global WLAN industry partners to foster the progress of WLAN performance experience standards for a more beautiful digital world.

About IEEE

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is currently the world’s largest non-profit professional technical society and one of the world’s most important standard organizations. It is dedicated to the innovative development, technical research, and standard-setting in the fields of electrical, electronics, computer engineering, and related sciences. So far, it has developed more than 900 current industrial standards. The year 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of IEEE’s first standard committee.

About WAA

The World WLAN Application Alliance (WAA) is a non-profit independent legal entity and is dedicated to the development of the WLAN application experience. WAA leads global efforts to create an open and internationally influential WLAN industry development platform, united with global industry chain partners, and to jointly build an international brand of certification for WLAN performance and experience. WAA envisions ” Providing the best WLAN experience for the global digital world.”, with the goal and mission of ” Creating an open and international WLAN industry development platform, establishing a scenario-based WLAN certification system and a complete performance standard system, and building the best WLAN application experience”. As of now, the WAA has over 70 members from 11 countries and regions, with about 35% coming from regions outside the Mainland of China.